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The Dating Intervention (Book 1 in the Intervention Series) – Delaney Collins thought her dating system was fail-proof. She was wrong. When all three of the guys on her roster dump her within the span of two days, she’s forced to reconsider what she knows about romance. Forced, as in her two best friends, Josie and Summer, take over her dating life. Enter Jake Rhoades, a steamy Greek god of a man who seems to have it all. The problem: Delaney has relinquished control of her romantic adventures. Or has she? If Delaney doesn’t stick to Josie and Summer’s dating regime, she risks being alone and forever lonely in a sea of men with stained neckties and cumbersome baggage.


Jasmine’s Pact – It’s Jasmine Carr’s thirtieth birthday, and she’s getting way more than she expected.

Her first love, Parker Abbott, has just called to fulfill the terms of the pact the two of them made thirteen years ago when his family moved out of the country. It requires them to date—exclusively—for thirty days.

This is the moment Jasmine has waited for her entire adult life … only, she’s just met Hudson Stover, a cocky, unreasonably handsome photojournalist whose mere presence conjures up images so hot they leave Jasmine questioning everything she ever thought about romance.

Can she give Parker a chance, without missing her chance with Hudson?


The Marriage Intervention (Book 2 in the Intervention Series) –  If Josie Garcia’s marriage were on the rocks, at least she could drink it like a vodka cranberry. Things are much worse than that. Lately, she and her husband Paul clash like peanut butter and pickles. To help repair her marriage, Josie’s best friends Delaney and Summer stage The Marriage Intervention, creating a set of rules designed to reignite the flame between Josie and Paul. The trouble is, Josie’s ex-lover (and current boss), Scott, is making things really hot at work. Scott has always been a secret-keeper, and now it’s Josie’s turn. Being a secret-keeper may cost Josie her marriage.


Studying Sequoia – Sequoia Carr has a strange effect on men. That is, they always seem to hightail it out of her life at the first opportunity. She has come to the conclusion that she just isn’t cut out for romance–or relationships of any kind.

Elijah Sawyer finds Sequoia intriguing, but she’s so standoffish that he can’t get a good read on her. When she tells him she isn’t the relationship type, he comes up with an idea: to run an experiment to determine whether she’s right.

Sequoia agrees to the experiment only because there are no strings attached. But then she starts to develop real feelings for Elijah. She doesn’t know how he feels about her, but she does know that there is only one conclusion this experiment can reach: she’s meant to be alone.


The Motherhood Intervention (Book 3 in the Intervention Series) – With her fifth child on the way and her son’s heart surgery just around the corner, Summer Gray is already approaching her breaking point. Then her estranged mother shows up on her doorstep after fifteen years, claiming to want to rebuild their relationship. While struggling to forgive her mother for years of alcohol induced neglect, Summer daydreams of contracting a semi-serious illness or suffering nearly-life-threatening injuries so she can get a hospital stay-cation. Her friends Delaney and Josie stage The Motherhood Intervention, hoping to help Summer rediscover the life she loves and forgive her in the process.


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