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She thought her dating system was fail-proof. She was wrong.

Delaney Collins thought her dating system was fail-proof. But when all three guys on her roster dump her within the span of two days, she’s forced to reexamine what she thought she knew about romance. Forced, as in her two best friends, Josie Garcia and Summer Gray, take complete control of her dating life.

Enter Jake Rhoades, the sexy Greek god of a man who comes to Delaney’s rescue when she’s rear-ended at a red light. Jake seems to have it all: not only is he a good Samaritan, but he’s so good looking that he inspires vivid, steamy daydreams, and he’s even starting his own business.

The problem: Delaney has relinquished control of her romantic adventures. Or has she? If Delaney sticks to Josie and Summer’s dating regime, she risks risks losing Jake. If she doesn’t, she risks being alone and forever lonely in a sea of men with stained neckties and cumbersome baggage.

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