If you’re an author who is passionate about providing your readers with the best possible version of your work, you’re in the right place.

With a unique team approach to everything we do, we are here to support you in making your manuscript shine, and in building an engaged reader following!

So if you’re looking for proofreading, copyediting or structural and developmental feedback and expertise, we’d love to put our eyes on your story. And if you want to keep your audience engaged while you work on your next big project—we want to help you by creating compelling content for your blog and social media profiles.

What really sets us apart: We’ve worked as a team for years, and we’re really, really good together. It’s our job to write and polish great copy that gets people to read, buy, or otherwise take action. And, if we do say so ourselves, we rock at it!

Who Are We?

We’re Megan and Hilary. We met six years ago as co-workers at a high-profile copywriting and marketing agency. We’ve worked together on projects for a wide variety of clients (from authors and entrepreneurs to chiropractors and energy healers to business coaches and everyone in between). Because we immediately recognized genius in one another, we became great friends, fast.

As a side note, we often speak in “sister code” (we’d share some of our code phrases, but they may not be appropriate here). However, you just let us know if you’d like to learn awesome ways to communicate in anagrams and other such fun!


Hilary is the writer. She earned her bachelors degree in English and Creative Writing before going on to work as a journalist for four years. In 2006, she launched her freelance writing career and now specializes in direct response copywriting (in normal-speak, that’s copy that inspires people to take a specific action). She writes and edits website copy, social networking copy, sales pages, opt-in pages, brochure and direct mail copy, postcard copy, email campaigns … and the list goes on. Truly, if you want it, she can write it. In her free time, she nurtures her creative writing side, and has authored and published three books (and there’s more on the way).

Megan is the editor and project manager. She earned her bachelors degree in Education with an emphasis in English, and taught high school English for 8 years before launching her own freelance career. Now, she’s the primary project manager and editor for five- and six-figure launches. In other words, she’s spent the past 6 years evaluating, assessing and “fixing” writing to make sure it’s as good as it can possibly be, and that it works to accomplish the end goal. (This means she also has a ton of experience with direct response copy.) Plus, she’s ruthlessly organized, which means you get to rest assured that nothing falls through the cracks with your project.)

What We Offer

[Note: Right now, for a limited time only, we’re offering big discounts on our services! Why? Because we’re looking forward to growing our business, with your help! We’re confident that in exchange for our kick-ass work, you’ll be more than happy to provide us with testimonials and referrals … which are invaluable to us, as we get our names out there and support the people who most need our expertise.

Editing Services

As writers and editors ourselves, we realize the dramatic impact errors can have on a reader’s experience, and on your call to action. That’s why we work together – two sets of eyes on your writing: so you feel great about sending your work out into the world, confident that readers can focus on your writing—and only your writing.

We offer the following editing services:

Proofreading: If you know all your work needs is light editing, we’ll go through it for spelling, punctuation, word repetition, and so on. Right now, we’re taking on 10 customers at our special discounted rate (email us a 10-page sample from the middle of your manuscript for a quote, and we’ll show you the savings: dreamteam@hilarydartt.com).

Copyediting: Medium-level editing for sentence structure, grammar, and consistency (for example, we’ll make sure your main character’s eyes remain the same color throughout the entire manuscript). We also look at organization, as needed. Right now, we’re taking on 4 clients at our discounted rates (email us a 10-page sample from the middle of your manuscript for a quote, and we’ll show you the savings: dreamteam@hilarydartt.com).

Social Media Content Creation

As we mentioned above, writing copy that keeps people engaged and gets them to take action is our specialty. If you’re a writer who loves writing but doesn’t love marketing (or, if you know you should spend less time on social media and more time actually writing), we can help!

We can write your blog posts and social media content for you, so you can put your nose to the grindstone and work on your next project. In our work together during the past six years, we’ve become masters at writing in other people’s voices, so you can rest assured anything we write for you will be authentic to your brand.

Because we know everyone’s circumstances are unique, we’ll create a package specific to your needs, style and personality. For example, we can create a certain number of blog posts each month, and write social media posts that link back to the blog posts. Or, we can take your existing blog posts and write social media posts for those. Or, we can write social media posts designed to get people to engage with you online, and of course, to buy your books. The possibilities are endless!

Send us an email at dreamteam@hilarydartt.com, and we’ll discuss your needs, brainstorm ideas (remember, these are genius ideas!) and provide you with a quote.