I don’t always get in on the National ____ Day fun on social media, but today when I woke up I realized it was Global Running Day. You may or may not know how I feel about running (if not, you can read my post about it here), but I thought it was important to celebrate. And to post a photo to commemorate!

I thought I’d ask my husband to take a photo of me running, but then I thought about my friend. We’ll call her A.

A is a triathlete and a blogger. She’s always posting these beautiful pictures of herself running or biking or swimming: “Did 8000 meters open water swim in Hawaii with piranhas,” or, “What a beautiful day for a mountain bike ride through the shark infested creek in the pines,” or whatever.

I mean, it looks like she takes a professional photographer with her on all of these adventures!

She uses self-timers on her phone’s camera.

So thinking about A, I thought, “She is always posting these gorgeous photos of herself … maybe I can do it, too.”

So my running partner, Leia, and I went for a run, armed with my camera phone.

And we had a few outtakes, which I thought I’d share here, just for fun.

Leia's bottom_Fotor

This was the first one I took, after propping my phone up with my water bottle. Okay, we’re close. I just need to run a little slower past the camera.




Oops. That was a little TOO slow. A little faster next time.


legs only_Fotor

Eek. Not quite fast enough.


weird face_Fotor

Oh, yeah! Jusssst right! Only, look at my face. I was concentrating so hard on getting the pace right. Okay, try to look natural.


Leia's legs and my ponytail

All right, I’m feeling a bit more natural … Shoot. A little too fast. I got my ponytail and the dog’s bottom, but that’s not what I was going for. Note to self: slow down on the next one.


leia walking_Fotor

It’s Global Running Day, not Global Walking Day.

Finally, success! I came up with a decent one:

global running day final

So all that to say, Happy Global Running Day to you!