Things have taken a very exciting turn in my family’s household this month.

Last week, we finally did it. We bought an RV.

We have been waiting for this for years.

rv cropped


Camping is one of our favorite things to do as a family. Whenever we take longer tent camping trips, we yearned for the day we can get our food out of a refrigerator and sleep in a bed while camping (I know. It’s totally not “real” camping, but these things make a long trip so much more enjoyable.)

Every time my husband and I talked about it, though, we said, “Let’s wait until we pay off our debt,” or, “Let’s wait until we can pay cash for it,” or, “Let’s wait until there’s a zombie apocalypse,” or, my personal favorite, “Let’s wait until we sell the Mustang.”

You get the picture.

So we haven’t seen a zombie apocalypse–yet–but we were finally ready to buy. The same day my husband sold that Mustang, we saw an ad for a Class C RV for sale. It was in our price range, it was big enough to accommodate our growing children, and it was in great shape.

When we went to look at it, we knew: this was it. We pictured ourselves rolling down the road in it, me making sandwiches in the back while the hubby drives, the kids sitting at the table, playing games like the little angels they are (just kidding — in the real vision they’re bickering over whose turn it is to sit on the right side of the dinette while fighting over who gets to be green in Sorry, while simultaneously mashing chip crumbs into the upholstery).

kids in rv

We have a few projects to complete on the RV before it’s road-ready, like replacing the carpet with vinyl flooring for easier clean-up and sewing color-coordinated curtains.

The guy who we bought the RV from told our kids, “You’re going to have more fun in this RV than any family should be allowed to have.”

That’s the plan! You can expect to read more about the RV experience as we begin this new, exciting era. 🙂

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