The countdown has officially begun! “The Dating Intervention” will be available for purchase in 1 day. As promised, I’m giving a photo tour to share with you some of the real-life places and events that inspired scenes and ideas in the novel.

Day 10. The granite dells. This is a photo I took on one of my favorite running trails, and this is where I imagined the main character in “The Dating Intervention,” Delaney, rock climbing with one of the guys she dates. Stay tuned over the course of the next 9 days for more photos!

count down dells

Day 9. The downtown square. A lot happens at the square in “The Dating Intervention,” and in its sequel, “The Marriage Intervention.” In real life, it’s a bustling, quaint, shady spot — one of my favorites.

count down square


Day 8. The rose garden. In “The Dating Intervention,” it’s the spot where the main character imagines having her wedding, long before her fail-proof dating system fails.

count down rose garden


Day 7. Historic houses. This real-life neighborhood is where I imagined the main character in “The Dating Intervention” living.

count down houses

Day 6. Historic schoolhouse. In “The Dating Intervention,” Delaney’s best friend Josie teaches at a historic school, and Delaney and Summer climb the exterior fire escape to ensure Josie attends her interview for the principal position.

count down wts

Day 5. The fountain. This beauty makes an appearance in the first 2 books in The Intervention Series.

count down fountain


Day 4. The saloon. Every Thursday, the main characters in “The Dating Intervention” meet up for Happy Hour at Rowdy’s Saloon, which is loosely based on this real-life saloon in a nearby town. (And I definitely danced the night away here a few times in my twenties!)

Photo Collage Maker_B2H5Fe_1


Day 3. The Jeep. The day I got my Jeep was one of the happiest days of my life. Seriously. Right up there with the days my children were born. Okay, not really, but the Jeep definitely had to have a spot in “The Dating Intervention.”

countdown jeep


Day 2. The gazebo. In “The Dating Intervention,” Delaney Collins imagines getting married in this gazebo … before she discovers that her fiancé has also proposed to someone else.



Day 1. The view. In “The Dating Intervention,” Delaney’s favorite guy takes her to a picnic spot with a view. How romantic. <Sigh>