I can sometimes be on the slow boat; for example, I was in the dark until recently about open relationships.

So if you already know about this awesome technology, please forgive me.

As a writer, I’m an avid reader. A few years ago, I discovered running is as conducive to good writing as reading is.

And now, I can run and read at the same time. You read that right. At. The. Same. Time.

When you buy a Kindle book, and then upgrade to add the Audible (audio) version to your personal digital library, you can switch seamlessly between reading and listening to a specific book at your whim.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say I’m reading on my Kindle app on the iPad before bed, and I leave off on Chapter 5. The next day, I want to go for a run, and I want to listen to my book. I just plug my headphones into my phone, open the book in the Audible app, and it begins at Chapter 5 … right where I left off last night—no fast-forwarding, rewinding, or searching required.

Let’s say I listen to 2 chapters while I’m running. That evening, when I go to read in bed, my Kindle app asks me if I want to begin reading where I left off earlier. I tap “Okay,” and it brings up Chapter 7 – where I left off at the end of my run.


As a busy wife, mom, copywriter and runner, it can be tough to fit reading in sometimes. But because I love it, and it’s a critical part of honing my craft, I make time. And pairing Kindle and Audible gives me even more time!

So the next time you’re reading a really good book, and you want to go for a run or a hike or a long drive or a walk or whatever, and KEEP READING YOUR BOOK, give this technology a try. Let me know how you like it!