When I was growing up, I wanted to be a writer. (Well, I wanted to be lots of other things, too: a veterinarian, She-Ra, a pediatrician – but ultimately I settled on writer as, obviously, She-Ra was taken.)

She Ra

I imagined working from home, and having a dog that would hang out with me, sleeping while I worked, joining me outside for breaks. You know, a sidekick.

Well, here we are! I admit my imaginary office dog sidekick didn’t need quite so many potty breaks and she also didn’t drool all over the floor after drinking water.

I’d like you to meet Leia, my office dog and running companion.


This girl has brains! She can open and close and lock doors, open the latch on our front gate, and sneak the crust of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich off the kitchen counter without anyone noticing until it’s long gone. She can even dismantle a locked dog crate from the inside.

She’ll undoubtedly make frequent appearances on the blog, my Facebook page and my Twitter account.

You’ll get to know her over time, but here are a few important tidbits:

Leia’s best friend’s name is Cyrus. They nap together, fight over their bones, and wrestle.

Her favorite food is carrots, and she loves to run. She purrs when you pet her.

Who is your constant companion? I’d love to hear about your furry friends!